Chandeliers are a delicacy that should be shine your entire room. At Sleepy Hollow Window Cleaning, we will make sure your dusty, hard to reach chandelier is sparkling.

Shower_croppedShower Enclosures

Our team at Sleepy Hollow clean all sliding doors including shower enclosures. We will give your shower and bathroom a fresh and clean look.


Atrium / Greenhouse Glass and Solar Panels

Atrium Glass and Solar Panels can be cleaned using a water purification system in combination with a boar hair or nylon brush. The power of pure water is in the deionization resin. Pure water is an aggressive "dirt magnet”, grabbing the dirt and hard water staining compounds into the droplets and dragging them away as you rinse. Pure water attracts dirt and carries it away. Once the dirt is removed, rinse thoroughly and the last droplet drys spot-free!

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